James Reeson

Professional Golfer

Golf Grange aux Ormes, Metz, France.

Day one was a struggle, never getting to grips with this course on which I have not been keen since arriving. Nothing in particular but it has not worked for me. Day two was much the same but a little less damaging. At least technically all is well. A cut missed but now I have two days to practice and relax before heading back to the UK and the next event on Monday.

Golf Grange aux Ormes, Metz, France.

Practice going well but the temperatures are pretty extreme, into the 30's which is making things uncumfortable. Thunderstorms due for the first round on Thursday. Another course I have not played before and much to learn in a short time.


Alps Tour, Udine, Italy.

The first event in Italy on the Alps Tour this season. The course is in great condition and the scenery amazing, one of the best courses this year so far.


I didn't play great during the practice round, nothing bad but I never really felt that I had got o grips with the course as well as some others.

The first round went well, I hit some good shots but struggled on the greens, giving myself loads of chances but not converting. I finished one over.

The second round started well and I was one under through five, missing a short birdie putt on the second so I should have been two under. The 7th and 8th are par 5's and reachable in two so I had a chance to be a few under par for the front nine. I hit seven in two but three putted for par and then bogey on the 8th for the second day running. I had to shoot at least five under on the back nine to make the cut which was virtually impossible with the way I was putting.

The next event starts on Wednesday in Milan so I have a few days to work on sorting my mistakes and hopefuly sort out the putting.



Open Golf Clement Ader, Paris. Final round

Clement Ader has been a real test this week. felt good for the first two days and stuck to the game plan i set myself to getinto a good position after two rounds.

Going into the final round I had no intention of changing anything, h wind was the same as the first two rounds so I felt very comfortable. However I wasn't able to play to the sme standard as the previous two days and wayward tee shots cost me. I ended up shooting 5 over buit feel that I didn't play too differently from the first two rounds. A few yards either way on this course and you are in trouble and will struggle to make par, it's an incredibly unforgiving course. Although I am disapointed, I have learnt loads from the experience and will take that to Italy in a weeks time.


Open Golf Clement Ader, Paris, round two.

Round two was a mirror of the first, however I learnt from the first round and made some changes. Tee shots are everything on this golf course, if you keep hitting the fairwaysand more importantly the right spotson them, you will have birdie chances, but if you miss the fairways a par is as good as you can expect.

I was slightly more agressive on several holes, hitting driver where I had hit irons in the previous rounds and also played more sensibly on a couple , hitting a hybrid instead of 3 wood. I putted well again, took the chances and holed some good par putts. tied 6th after two rounds and hoping for a low round tomorrow to hopefuly be in contention.


Open Golf Clement Ader Paris. Round One.

A really tricky course this week and yet another learning curve for the season and hopefuly the tour this year will give me some insight for 2018 when I will have gained some experience on European greens and courses, which are in some cases remarkedly different from the UK.. Tight and reasonably long even though a driver off the tee is impossible on may off the tees.

The practice round was not great and I didn't really get to grips with the course although it was more like a UK course than anything I have encountered so far this season.

The first roundwas solid, but I never landed the ball that close to the flag, although when I did, I took my chancesand when I missed the greens I still managed to get up and down ok to leave me at level par and a good position to make tomorrows cut.


Gosser Open, Austria. Rounds 1 and 2.

All going well out in Austria. The aim for the year was to make more cuts than not and today after the second round I have made the cut again. The first round was the usual drop a shot, pick up a shot that has been happening lately and I ended the day at level par. Todays round was a much more consistent game with three birdies and no bogeys, leaving me at 3 under for the two rounds. The cut came in at 3 under so I have made the final round again. Thoroughly enjoying the golf and the experience and I think the results will improve as I settle into the season.


Gosser Open, Austria

A good practice today, plenty of work on the putting and feeling good about tomorrow. The course is really nice and Austria is a lovely country. Fingers crossed for the morning.


Gosser Open, Austria

Haeding off to Austria today via Heathrow where I will meet up with some of the other guys on the tour.A couple of hour drive the other end and we arrive at GC Erzherzog Johann, the location for the Alps Tour, Gosser Open.

Playing quite well at the moment and I have been practising various parts of my game since returning from Spain.



Galajara. Final round.

Struggling with not feeling great the last couple of days and really tired today. Played well considering but not collecting enough birdies. All round my game is good and I am relaxing more each day I play. A great experience and looking forward to Austria and France next week.


Guadalajara, round two.

Day two went well with my 2 under for the two rounds safely making the cut. The leaders didn't really move any further ahead with the leading score only rising to 8 under.

A great round but a bit up and down with every move forward being countered with a move back. 

Not the greatest start with a bogey on 1 but birdies on 3 and five put me one ahead until 7 where I dropped another shot, so par for nine. A couple of birdies and a bogey on the second nine left me one ahead for the day and 2 under for the tournament. 

The last round on Saturday and then home to prepare for Austria and France in a weeks time.


Guadalajara, first round

Started out well reaching all front nine greens in regulation and ended up with nine pars, which had I been offered them on the first tee, I would have taken.

The second nine started with a two putt birdie on the 10th to take me 1 under for the first time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to carry that momentum dropping a shot on the 12th and then chipping in on the 15th to get it back again. 

I am still ok six shots off the lead but a few more putts dropping tomorrow and things can change and should leave me in a good position for the final round.

This year is about settling into the travel and foreign golf and hopefully coming away at the end of the season with a Card for next year.